Consultation, Performance Coaching, and Intensives

Intensives program:

I work with you on creating an intensives program where we meet for 3-8 hours for 1 or 2 days to dive deep into re-processing work, time in nature, mindfulness and other skill building. This is not ongoing counseling, I will work with you in finding an ongoing therapists if the need should arise and work in collaboration with any current professionals you may already be working with. This is a way to achieve deep change in a new way that I have found powerful in both my own work as a client and for the clients I work with in this capacity. Feel free to reach out if this is something you are interested in!

We work collaboratively in consulting with individuals and companies to develop goals and address performance enhancement. We can provide consultations for psychotherapists, medical staff, educators, and 1st responders (law enforcement, EMS, & Fire Departments) on mental health issues. Please contact us to see how we can best meet your needs!


Coaching is offered through a separate business: Check out

Coaching can be used to achieve higher levels of achievement, enhance the pursuit of goals, and address barriers in performance. Subjects could include enhancing achievement at work, school, personal life, and sports performance. While coaching and counseling can share similarities they are different in their focus and intensity. Insurance does not pay for coaching services and does not require a mental health diagnosis. Feel free to call NewTides Counseling and Wellness for a free consultation to help determine what services best fit your needs.

*Note: Coaching is not counseling; if we are working with you in a performance coaching capacity and the need for mental health counseling arises your coach will help you find an appropriate referral.

Consultation & Coaching Fees and Payment:
Please call to discuss the services needed and cost as it varies.
We accept cash, check, and Visa/Mastercard payments.