Dear NewTides clients,

We at NewTides Counseling wanted to let you know that our team is watching the development of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation carefully to see how we can implement some common sense approaches and prevention to assure the continued safety and well-being of all clients and staff.

We will be following the lead on prevention from the CDC. Their page on prevention can be found at the link below and we encourage you to please take a moment to read:


In addition to implementing a regular sanitization process for communal and office areas, we are also highly recommending Telepsych appointments via secure Video Conferencing so that we can do our part in helping with social distancing—protecting those with chronic illness, or immune difficulties and the elderly in our community. Let’s not respond in fear, but instead work toward protecting those in our community who have weaker immune systems and help reduce the potential overload on our health care system. If you are open to attending your appointment with your counselor using Telehealth (secure video available for computers, tablets and smartphones) please let your counselor know and they will take the necessary steps on educating you what it is, getting a consent form signed in the client portal, and checking for health insurance coverage if needed.

If you do wish to still come in for your in office appointment we will still be happy to do so.

Regardless, we ask that you please do not come in for your appointment if you do not feel well or have been around others who are sick. If you have a dry persistent cough, fever or chills and/or shortness of breath, please do not come to the office and consult with your health care provider. We encourage you to stay home and take care of yourself as well as preventing the spread of illness to others. We do appreciate you giving us as much notice as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

NewTides Team

Here are some helpful links and resources if you are feeling overwhelmed (sympathetic: fight, flight, freeze state) as there is a lot of misinformation and fear out there right now.

1. Take care of yourself! Support your immune system by getting more sleep! Consider eliminating alcohol and reducing sugar as they can potentially reduce immune function by 40-60%. Eat a well rounded whole food based diet, consider taking vit D/C, and drink plenty of water. Also daily exercise is important as well

2. Work on opening vision as wide as possible, this helps the parasympathetic nervous system (rest, digest, recover state) work better. Breathe through your nose if possible (nitrous oxide is also is an anti viral/fungal/bacterial gas that is spread through the nose and lungs and works with your immune system)! One clinical study I saw recently has shown Nitros Oxide to be helpful in fighting off corona strain viruses. Your mouth does not filter or have this gas. Work on 5 seconds in, 10 seconds out for 10x rounds….if that’s too hard, reduce it to 4 in 8 out, or 3 in 6 out.

3. Read this on further help down regulation:

4. Here are two yoga Nidra scripts. I like the 30min version best and do it almost daily after talking with Dr Huberman who has lab at Stanford where his team is studying ways to help people down regulate in the moment. These put you in a deep relaxed state and some studies are reporting incredible results including potentially having a 65% increase in dopamine tone! Try not to fall asleep, if you do…it’s ok it happens! 🙂

30 min relaxation script: (this one actually has a hypnosis/intentions like component but is easy to follow and deeply relaxing.) I do it when I wake early and need to “recover” sleep or if I have time in the afternoon:

10 min quick Nidra:

Hope these are helpful!